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The Easter Story

Pilate had handed Jesus over to the Jews for crucifixion. After that the Jews took Jesus and crucified Jesus on the cross. Jesus died on the cross. He died for our sins. He poured out his blood for our sins.

When Jesus had died, a man named Joseph of Arimathea asked Pilate for the body of Jesus. Another friend of Jesus, Niccodemus, had  brought a mixture of myrrh and aloes and wrapped Jesus body with linen cloth. That is the burial customs of Jews.There is a garden nearby. New tomb was there in that garden. They laid Jesus in that tomb.

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On the first day of the week (Sabbath morning) Mary Magdalene went to see the tomb and saw the stone had been removed.

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She ran and came to Simon Peter and John, and told them “they have taken the Lord out of the tomb”.

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Peter also ran to the tomb and looked inside and found only the linen cloth. The cloth that Jesus’ body was wrapped in.

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The disciples went to their homes. But Mary didn’t go to his house and she stood outside the tomb and she was crying. She looked inside the tomb and saw two angels. They asked her “Woman why are you crying?” She told them they  have taken the body of Jesus.

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She turned around and saw some one was standing there and didn’t realize that was Jesus. He asked Mary, “why are you crying?” She thought it was the Gardner and tells him, “Sir if you carried his body tell me where you have put him. I will go and get him.” Jesus called her, “Mary” then she realized it was Jesus and called him “Rabboni”. Rabboni means teacher.

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Jesus told to Mary to tell his disciples that he is risen. She went and told the disciples about Jesus's resurrection.

This story is from John 20 but we also know from the Bible that Jesus defeated one person when he rose again and that is – Jesus defeated the devil!

So what do we learn? We learn that Jesus died and on the third day he rose again. Jesus is risen. Jesus is alive today. And because he is alive Jesus hears our prayer.

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Children can be asked the following questions as/after they are told the story

  • Who handed over Jesus for crucifixion? - Pilate

  • Which two disciples ran to the tomb? Simon Peter and john

  • Who went to see the tomb? -  Mary Magdalene

  • What does the word Rabboni mean? Rabboni means teacher.

  • Who was raised from the dead? Jesus

  • Who defeated the devil? Jesus

  • Who hears our prayers? Jesus


Almighty God, Help us to walk in your Grace and tell Your good news to the world. All for your glory in Jesus name we pray,  Amen. 

Action Bible Verse Memorisation


“He is not here; he has risen, just as he said.” Matthew 28:6


Actions to do:

He: point to heaven

Is not here: shake head “No”
He: point to heaven
Has risen: raise hands and arms up to heaven
Just as He said: shake head “Yes”
Matthew 28: hold up ten fingers 2x and then 8 fingers
6: hold up 6 fingers

Activity: angel rolled the stone away!  


You need: ​paper plates, colouring materials, stapler, tape, picture of angel (cut from greeting card or your own drawing), Brown paper.

  • Cut the paper plates in half

  • Cut a “doorway” out of one half of all of the plates

  • Have the children color the half of the paper plate with the “doorway” brown

  • Have the children color the other half of the paper plate black

  • Staple the two pieces together making sure that the black can be seen through the “doorway”

  • Have the children glue the angel inside of the door. A picture of an angel from a greeting card will do.

  • Have the children crumple up the brown construction paper

  • Tape the construction paper “stone” to the outside of the tomb

  • As the children are finishing their project, talk with them about what they are making and about the story they just learned about Easter