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Mark 15:21-28

The day of the Passover – Israelites sacrificed; celebrated God’s deliverance from slavery in Egypt.  People from different places came to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover. One of them – Simon from Cyrene was forced to carry Jesus’ cross.

What is the picture that we see?

Jesus – exhausted; bruised was brought to Golgotha, the Place of a Skull . He was crucified alongside Criminals. This crucifixion meant the most shameful, painful and agonizing death.

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A bitter drink of wine mixed with myrrh was given to criminals to ease pain; but Jesus refused to drink it and chose to endure pain and bitterness of death.


As Jesus was on the cross, the soldiers – divided his garments among themselves. (Psalm 22:18). In Mark 15:29-32, we read that Jesus quietly endured the insults, taunting and the challenge to save himself. All of this  to fulfil his purpose on earth - save us from our sin. For us to experience the limitless love of God.

Mark goes on to tell us in verses 33-41 that Jesus was crucified with the sign - KING OF THE JEWS  affixed on the cross . The sky turns dark.

As he draws close to his death, (vs 34) Jesus cried out “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?”(Psalm 22:1). For the first time Jesus felt His Father turn away from Him. He felt intensity and consequence of sin. Not because he sinned, but became sin. He died for us; identifying himself with man’s sins.

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SIN brings SEPARATION between God and us. That is the separation that Jesus took upon himself so that we might have a perfect relationship with God. His death was not the end, it was the beginning.

The result of the Cross was that  God became accessible to man depicted in the temple curtain being torn into two-top to bottom. It meant forgiveness of sin through Jesus and Eternal life.

No matter who or what we are, look to the cross, because Jesus made the way for us through the Cross to go to Him. Jesus is saying to us “God loves you with a love that is limitless and He is waiting for you with his arms open wide, will you come to Him today?




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