Note to parents

Dear Parents!

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

We are excited to have your children join us on this journey that is technologically new. We’ve been reminded that only God is constant and dependable. Much before the term COVID19 even fell on our ears,  we had picked the Fear Factor Challenge as our curriculum, now as we believe- under God’s sovereign forethought. Plans and preparations for VBS 2020 were underway in RTMC (as we are sure they were in most churches) till we were hit by a surprise not so pleasant. Paul’s words in Rom 8:28 has come to life as we now take VBS 2020 online in the midst of COVID 19 and not because of it. We believe God has ordained VBS 2020 online for He has brought together a zealous team of Teachers, Music Worship leaders, Performing Arts, the Technical and the Co-ordination teams. 

As we enter the next two weeks of VBS 2020, we are well aware that we are doing a number of new things. In and that regard we need your support. To quite a few teachers, a class through zoom is new, yet they’ve chosen to not fear but be excited about it for the Lord. Here are a few guidelines through which you can partner with us to ensure a smooth and safe VBS online as your children focus on studying God’s word.

  1. We invite you to pray at 11am and 5:00pm when different classes will have their VBS. Pray especially that teachers would be able to effectively share the message of how the fear of God should stand above all else in our lives.

  2. We request that Meeting ID’s and passwords are not forwarded to anyone for security reasons. We have shared it with only those who have registered for VBS.

  3. It would be great if your child could log in 10 minutes before class starts, so that we can begin class on schedule. The zoom host can admit one person at a time and this early log in will help us do this smoothly.

  4. Do ensure punctuality online – technology tends to make us impersonal; children still need to be reminded that coming together for learning God’s word is a form of worship.

  5. For a more personal interaction, it is encouraged that children are on the video mode, that way the teacher can gauge the level of engagement and work on interaction.

  6. If for any reason your child gets disconnected during the session, please feel free to log in again even if it takes time. This is different from logging in late for class (which we do not encourage).

  7. Please ensure that at the time of the session your child has a Bible, a pen/pencil, a notebook and any other material the teacher instructs that they need to have. 

  8. It would also be great if your child is sitting in one place and not moving around as it doesn’t take much to distract children. In the same spirit, please avoid any fancy zoom animations that some of you may be aware of. 

  9. We also encourage you to be aware of your child’s internet usage while on the internet. We are not advising scrutiny but awareness and caution. 

  10. Last but not the least, post every class, encourage your child to visit the RTMC VBS website that has a host of activities, and teaching that is aimed at reinforcing your child’s learning. 


We are aware of the zoom hacks that has been in the news and have taken precautions such as advised i.e. Passwords and Enabling waiting rooms ensure safety. If at any time you have safety concerns, feel free to send a message to the teaching team, and we’d be glad to look into it for you. Here’s looking forward to the next two weeks of amazing Bible learning that we hope and pray will draw your children closer to God with reverence. 


In Him,