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Jesus was walking up to Jerusalem with his disciples who were also his close friends. Let’s see what happens when they reach a place called the Mount of Olives.

Jesus: Hey guys, I need to you to go to the village that is nearby. When you enter that village, you will find a young donkey tied there. You know, no one has ever ridden that donkey. You will need to untie it and bring it to me.

[The disciples look at Jesus and then at each other a little surprised.]

The Disciples: Go and take someone’s donkey without asking them?*

Jesus (smiles): I haven’t finished.* Someone may ask you  ‘Why are you untying it?’

The Disciples: Oh dear!*

Jesus (assumingly): Just say, ‘The Lord needs it.’


The disciples had been with Jesus for a long time now. They knew if he said something it would come true. And lo and behold, the disciples brought Jesus the young donkey exactly the way Jesus had asked to.

donkey borrowing primary.png

The disciples took out the long coats they were wearing and put it on the donkey for Jesus to sit. Jesus now rode into Jerusalem on this young donkey.

Jesus riding donkey primary.png

There were people walking around who began following Jesus because they knew he was someone special. They put their cloaks on the ground and swayed palm branches and began to shout with joy:

Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord

Peace in heaven and glory in the highest!

What they didn’t really know was that Jesus was not just someone special, He was their King! Not an earthly king but a heavenly King.

Some Pharisees were jealous and angry of Jesus getting this praise.

Jesus riding donkey primary 2.png

They didn’t know that Jesus was the Son of God! But Jesus did not worry for He knew praising God was more important than worrying about what people say about you.

King of Kings primary.png

*- words and phrases added into dialogue that are not in the Biblical text. The words and phrases have been added for flow.

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