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The time had now come for Jesus to finish His work on earth. This was the reason that Jesus began His journey upto Jerusalem. This time is called the last week of Jesus (on earth) in Jerusalem. When Jesus reached the Mount of Olives, He gave His disciples specific instructions telling them:

  1. What to  look for?

  2. Where would it be found?

  3. What would the condition of the creature be?

  4. How to deal with the questions they would face for their act?


(Read Luke 19:28-31 and see if you can spot these four instructions.) Click here to answer these questions.

As the disciples follow Jesus’ instructions, they find themselves in a situation as Jesus predicted and interestingly, the owners of the colt allow them to take the colt with them for the Lord.

(Read Luke 19:32-35)

This triumphal entry of Jesus is the prophecy in Zechariah 9:9 coming true. It represents Zion’s King as meek and lowly even in the hour of his triumphant entrance … riding not on a war-horse but a donkey. He did not like Solomon, fetch horses out of Egypt to minister to his pride, He who was greater than Solomon was content with the colt of the donkey- even the humble creature was borrowed for he was none of his own. The tenderness of Jesus comes out in the fact of his having the ass brought with her foal that they might not be parted. He was a King, all of gentleness and mercy, his grandeur involved no pain, even for the meanest living thing.*

(Read Luke 19:36-37)

The crowds praised Jesus believing Him to be their Saviour from the Roman oppression that they were under. But the heart of Jesus is convulsed in sorrow, not for the earthly kingdom but the kingdom of God. The people had rejected Him (as He then knew they would) and in doing so had rejected the kingdom of God.

(Read Luke 19:38-44)

*Commentary of Matthew – CH Spurgeon

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