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The Gospel in a Capsule (I Cor. 15:1-11)

The true good news that beats all other good news is -  Jesus died for our sins, He was buried and He was raised on the third day. The irrefutable proof is the scriptures and His appearance to people who were therefore willing to live and die for this good news.

Jesus died for us – the righteous for the unrighteous in order to bring us to God and restore the broken relationship of humans with God which spelt Death for humans. (I Peter 3:18)

What is good news about the death of Jesus?  Imagine anyone who watched earth from space and eternity standing on tiptoe as once and for all evil and sin of all time telescoped at Calvary as Jesus took them on and made a spectacle of them (Colossians 2:15). 

But how is a dead and buried Saviour victorious?  Death could not hold the sinless One. Jesus rose from the dead to lead us to life.  Humans who were headed towards Death following our sin nature could now reverse and head towards LIFE towards God by following Jesus our representative who defeated Sin and took the sting out of death. This would not have been possible had Jesus remained dead. The good news is that we have a LIVING Saviour. A dead Saviour would be no Saviour at all.

The Echoes of Resurrection (I Cor. 15:12-23)

Death is not final.

Easter is a preview of what God will eventually do, when he brings time to a close. The bitter pain of separation from loved ones is tinged with HOPE for this separation is not final.


Faith is Fruitful

On the cross, sin was rendered powerless though present in the world. Through Adam we inherited the sin nature and its consequence death. Through the resurrected Christ we have power to NOT live in Sin, live a life of Freedom and power.


Hope is Real

The resurrection of Christ is REAL. Tangible. Our hope for the future is REAL life. Death holds no terror because it is the exchange of this perishable body for an imperishable one that is eternal, perfect, glorious and most importantly able to connect spiritually to the Triune God without fleshly limitations.


Life is Power-Packed

Death is not unknown anymore – Jesus has faced it, overcome it and will lead us through it to the resurrected Life. It is not final anymore, since Easter will be replayed raising every believer to life. 

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Free from the crippling fear of death we can live life full of power. Read Romans 8:33-39 Msg/NIV

RESURRECTION PEOPLE – how do we live?

(I Cor. 15:32 -34; 57-58)

  1. We don't “live for the present”. We have much more to look forward to.  Rather we live IN the present because our past is forgiven and our hope is in heaven.

  2. We must not corrupt our bodies which are now “planted” like a seed, growing into the incorruptible body to which we will be raised when Jesus returns as King

  3. We need to watch our character for the company we keep can both shape and reflect it. We are being shaped to be like Jesus enjoying his sinless company and not that of sin.


We align our lives to fit into the big picture of God redeeming the world for eternity.And we live and work in the hope of the promise that our labour in the Lord is not in vain.


CONCLUSION: The good news of the resurrection is that we have entered a new dimension of living. Our infinite life has already begun. We are now called to give the world a pre-view of what life in heaven would be like. Fearless, Love filled, Triumphant, Glorious and most exciting of all in communion with God the Father through the resurrection of God the Son empowered by God the Holy Spirit.

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