Day 1

Fear God Alone

This video contains: Pastor's prayer (00:00); Andy's video (01:52); Praise and Worship (03:07); Skit (12:00); Missionary video (14:38); Teacher video (20:08); Activity intro (30:57)

Bible Passage 

Reference: Ex 2:1-Ex 4: 23

Have you all experienced fear? I am sure you have. Fear is a terrible feeling. But do you know that fear can be good too? Yes, imagine that you are walking in a park and you see a snake! What should you do now – stand there and say that you do not fear snakes or just run?! Of course, you need to run. If you stay there, there are all the chances that you will get bitten by the snake. 


There are many such ‘good’ fears that we should have. Can you think and name some?

Yes, fear of fire, fear of electricity and that of wild animals are all ‘good’ fears because they keep us safe. Similarly, there is another good fear which we all SHOULD have – fear of God. We need to fear God and respect Him because He deserves it. 

Who, do you think, can do what God does? Can you and I make the stars and the planets? Can we make oceans and trees and animals? No, we cannot, right? So, we need to respect the One who has made all this. He is the same God who has made the huge mountains; which are almost thousand times the height of the room that you are sitting in; and He is the same God who has made this tiny ant that is crawling in your room right now!

I agree that we have to respect God, but why should I fear Him, He is my heavenly father and loves me, right? 

Yes, He loves you. More than your parents and teachers love you. What do your parents do when you do not obey their words and do something wrong? They punish you. Does this mean that your parents don’t love you? No, it means that they do not want you to go wrong. Similarly, because God loves us a lot, He does not want us to go wrong. Whenever we do something wrong God punishes us for our good. That is why we need to fear God so that we always do what is right according to Him. 


This is similar to how God punished the Pharaoh and his army for not following God’s command. Pharaoh had kept God’s people as his slaves and troubled them. God sent Moses to Pharaoh to tell him that God wants him to let his people out of Egypt. Pharaoh did not obey God’s word. He had to face great problems and finally understood that God protects his people.

What do we learn from Pharaoh’s story?

We learn that God is strong and He is also Just. He loves us and does not want us to go wrong. Fear of God is a good thing. 


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