Fear GOD Alone

This video contains: Pastor's prayer (00:00); Andy's video (01:52); Praise and Worship (03:07); Skit (12:00); Missionary video (14:38); Teacher video (20:08); Activity intro (29:57)

Objective: Enabling children to understand the power of God in the light of which the children will realize the fear and respect that God deserves.

Everyone is fearful of something or the other. Fear is a very interesting thing to learn about and something that we all have experienced. In Deuteronomy - 6 : 24 it says, “fear the Lord our God for our good always”. Through this scriptures we will try to explore what God has to say about fear. Is fear a good thing or a bad thing? We will be learning about one such good fear i.e., fear of God or fear God alone.

Bring children to ponder upon the creator God and bring them to understand how powerful God is. Our God is big, strong and mighty and we are awestruck by his creation, leading us to be filled with that kind of fear, respect and reverence.

Our God is holy and just. When we say our God is holy, we mean that he is perfect and clean in every way. His heart is pure. He has never done anything wrong ever. Because he is holy, so he wants his creation to be holy and perfect. That is all of us. In Leviticus - 11:45 it says, “Therefore be holy for I am holy”.

Many times we sin by doing things we should not be doing which upsets God and makes him sad. God is not happy when we sin. But when we ask him for forgiveness, “he is just and fair to forgive us”. We need not fear punishment but when we fear God alone we will be careful to follow all his commands and not to hurt him.

Ultimately, we learn how Moses encountered God at the burning bush and learnt how to fear God alone. This impacted Moses and everything he did for the rest of his life. Moses was faithful to God by being humble and obedient. Whereas the Pharaoh didn’t fear God, was arrogant and full of pride. This led to his destruction and death.

Activity time

Activity 1: Follow the line
Activity 2: Fill in the blanks
Activity 3: Memory verse