Fear-less of judgement

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Today's lesson is about being Fearless of Judgement. Have you ever heard of this term *Judgement* anytime? You know sometimes robbers break into some houses and rob money and other things. Then are caught by the police and taken to court before a judge. The judge asks them many questions and then gives jail punishment.

From yesterday's lesson you know that *God* is a *Righteous Judge*. And the*wrong* we do is *sin*. As in Romans 3: 23, for all have sinned and are unable to measure up to God's  standard.

God has to punish us for the sins we have committed. It is written (Romans 6 :23) that the punishment for sin is eternal death which means separation from God in hell.

God cannot stand that we're sinful and has to punish us. But God loves us too much to let us go to hell.

That's when Jesus why Jesus came down to take our punishment upon Him. So Jesus came and died on the *Cross* for you and for me, then rose up on the third day.

So what should we do to be clean again? Ask God for forgiveness. Say “Sorry Lord Jesus for all my sins. Thank you for loving me so much and taking my punishment.  Please clean my sins with your blood”. Listen to this verse in John 3:16 - For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

If you want a clean heart today onwards you can pray this with me: Dear Lord Jesus I thank you for helping me know that I'm a sinner. Thank you for you love me and died on the cross to take my punishment. I'm sorry, please forgive me and clean my heart. Help me live the way you want me to live. In Jesus name, Amen!

In Exodus 12, we read that God told Moses to instruct each Israelite family to select and get some year old healthy lamb on the 10th day of the month. Keep it at home and slaughter it on the evening of the 14th day. The father had to take some of the slaughtered lamb’s blood and put it to the top and sides of the door post. Then they roasted the meat on fire .Then the mother baked some bread without any yeast, and bitter herbs. They had to stay indoors, dress up complete with belt, and sandals. Sing a song, pray,  serve the food and eat.

Exactly at midnight the death angel passed through Egypt striking down the firstborn in each house. There was a great crying and wailing in Egypt. But there was no death in the Hebrew houses. Why? Because they had marked their houses with blood. This is what can happen to us on the day of judgement. If our hearts are cleansed by the blood of Jesus, we can have no fear of Judgement.


Memory Verse:

'...the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sins.'- 1 John 1:7b

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