Fearless of Evil

Day 3

This video contains: Praise and Worship (00:00); Skit (08:46); Missionary video (12:03); Lesson (23:08); Activity (37:25)

When God created the world he made everything beautiful! The people he created were
happy and they had a perfect relationship with God. But there was someone who did not like God’s beautiful world. The devil! The devil tempted Adam and Eve with a fruit and made them sin. The devil brought sin into the world. How did Satan get them to sin? He lied to Eve and made her believe something that was not true. Satan lies to us too. He sometimes tells us to do whatever we want to do, if it feels right then do it. We can worry about it later. This happiness from sin (getting what we want even when it is  wrong) will last for a very short time and we will soon have to face the consequences.

In today’s story, God asked Moses to send 12 men to spy on the land of Canaan. This was the land that God had promised the Israelites. When the spies came back something really strange happened. Ten men were filled with fear while two men were very happy. The two men spoke about big bunches of yummy grapes, a land overflowing with goodness and filled with giants. They could not wait to defeat the giants with God’s help. But the 10 men were so scared of the giants. They complained, “Why would God bring us to this place filled with giants? We are so scared!” All the men had seen the same thing but they had different stories to share. The 10 men had the fear of evil but the 2 men feared and trusted God! The 2 men knew that God was stronger and greater than any evil. One of these 2 men was Joshua! He continued to fear God and became the leader of the Israelites, and yes he was the same Joshua who led the people through the great battle of Jericho! If we fear and trust in the Lord just like Joshua, then we need not fear any evil!

When we believe in Jesus we are free from the control of sin. But we need to be alert, temptation can come in different forms and ways. It can be through our friends and even family. Being tempted is not wrong but giving in to the temptation is wrong. How do we say ‘no’ to the devil when he tempts us? We can talk to Jesus, tell him about our struggles. The Bible tells us that Jesus was also tempted but he resisted the devil, he said no to the devil. As we trust and read his word, he will help us say no to temptations! Remember God’s promises to us, he has promised that he will be faithful and will provide us a way out of every temptation. If you have accepted Jesus into your life then you do not have to fear evil. When you have God on your side then the victory is yours!


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Activity 1: Sort the characteristics

Activity 2: Craft

Can you make a big grape clusters like those found in Canaan?
You can make them using bottle caps as shown in the video below.
Or you can use the bottle caps as stencils and paint on them and get an impression on a chart.

Activity 3: Memory verse

You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.
I John 4:4

Activity:  Watch video and do actions and learn the verse