Fearless Against Evil

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Lesson & Activity Introduction

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When God created the Garden of Eden, and Adam and Eve lived there happily, there was one person who didn’t like it. He was Satan. He was initially one of God’s most beloved angels, but then he got too proud for Heaven. He thought that he could be better than God himself! He was
thrown out of Heaven.

As some of you may remember, there were two trees in the Garden that Adam and Eve were forbidden to eat from - The Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil, and The Tree of Life. Satan hated God and he wanted to cause Adam and Eve to sin against God! He tempted Eve and told her that the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil wouldn’t kill her, but would cause her to become like God. He lied to her, and his actions caused Adam and Eve to be separated from God. This was the first instance of evil in our world. Satan has been deceiving (telling lies) to the world ever since, tempting us and trying to make us sin.

Satan tells us that sin is fun; he tries to tell us that doing something bad “just this once” will not cause any harm. But sin, in whatever form, always causes us to be separated from God. Satan wants to take us away from God. But one of the most amazing things about our God is that he wants to get to know us better. He loves us, and if we’re willing, he wants to give us eternal life.

The best part is that Satan has no control over your decision to follow Jesus. Romans 6:6b says that “We’re no longer slaves to sin.” Once we accept Jesus as our Lord, the Devil has no power over us. God is stronger and mightier than Satan will ever be. Remember the song, ‘The Devil is a Sly Old Fox’? We must always remember to be happy that we’re God’s children, because he will ALWAYS protect you.

Remember when Moses sent the 12 spies into Canaan, but only Joshua and Caleb had enough faith in God? They were the only ones who trusted that God would protect them. Just as those 10 spies were afraid of the giants, we too can sometimes be afraid of our own giants. We fear the devil, but we forget to see that our God is stronger and more powerful than anything we face. When you have reverence for the Lord and trust him, you will understand that we can have the same victory he gave Joshua!

We no longer have to fear the Devil, but the Bible reminds us to be alert at all times. Satan is like a ‘prowling lion’ and we must always be ready to fight him off with God’s help. He loves to tempt us, but when you’re faced by such a situation, never forget to pray and read the Bible!

Talk to Jesus everyday to ask him to help you overcome temptation, remember that God has promised to help us overcome it, and God NEVER breaks his promises. Finally, remember that God has already told us in the book of Revelation that the Devil will one day be thrown
into the Lake of Fire at the end of time.

Remember Psalm 23, especially Ps 23:4, where we’re reminded to ‘fear no evil’, because God is with us.

Activity time

Activity 1: Follow the line
Activity 2: Word search

Activity 3: Memory verse

You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.
I John 4:4

Activity:  Watch video and do actions and learn the verse