Fearless of Evil

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Lesson & Activity Introduction

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Evil is REAL and AGAINST us

Evil is a word we associate with the unreal -  appearing in super hero stories.  When we  listen to those who have suffered because of Evil people, it becomes REAL. Evil doesn’t come with two horns and a pointed tail.  Visible Evil is birthed in invisible thoughts. It subtly enters the mind and takes root there unobtrusively making our actions evil (Mark 7:20-23). If we don’t RECOGNIZE evil and where it comes from, we cannot deal with it. (Jer.17:9).


The opposite of Evil is Good. Every good thing/ thought/ feeling comes from God for God IS Good! Satan opposed to God is opposed to all that is good as well. He is the father of lies, and comes to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10). The disturbing question is What is the Good God doing about Evil?

God is POWERFUL and FOR us


On the Cross, Jesus took on the full force of Evil and Death and defeated it. Evil is powerless but we need to deal with its presence in the world. God is a tower to whom we can run and be saved (Pro.18:10).  Jesus is able to Save us (Heb. 7:24-25)

PRAYER puts the Devil in his place

When King Jehoshaphat ruled in Judah, enemies from North, East and South ganged up to attack Judah. The news terrified Jehoshaphat. The Edomites - descendants of Esau, the Moabites and Ammonites - descendants of Lot had been spared by God but now attacked His people. To the Jews their combined strength was unexpected and seemed invincible.  Faced with Evil, Jehoshaphat’s  first REACTION was FEAR. He RESPONDED by calling the whole nation to PRAY.  He poured out his heart against the evil of the people attacking him and acknowledged his fear and helplessness.  “We don’t know what to do” he prayed, “but our eyes are on you.”  


God assured Him that the battle was HIS and the victory was Theirs.  Jehoshaphat’s army led by the Choir of Judah worshipping God reached the valley of Beracah, expecting armies positioned for attack. But Surprise!  They had all killed themselves. The Lord had won the battle for Jehoshaphat. The God whose eyes keep watch on the nations (Psalm 66:7) had given his people victory over the powerful enemy.

PRAYER equips us to face Evil

“If God be for us who can be against us! “Rom 8:31. This is true for us in the battlefields of the world and our minds.  Whether we are attacked by injustice, abuse, corruption from the world outside or we are fighting anger, lust, laziness, greed, jealousy within our mind, we are assured of victory.

 I John 4:4 tells us that we HAVE OVERCOME Evil because greater is He who is in us (Jesus) than he that is in the world (Satan).  We harness this power to overcome evil through Prayer just as Jehoshaphat did.

Would you take a minute to Recognize seeds of Evil in your mind and unweed them? Perhaps you would like to tell the Lord of the Evil that bothers / troubles you. Know that the Lord fights for you and victory will be yours.

Prayer: In our world and in our lives Lord we say “ we don’t know what to do but our eyes are on you”. Thank God that with you we need not Fear Evil but can be winners over evil. Amen.


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