Day 4

Fearless of Future

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Did you all have your breakfast? What did you eat?

And what did you have yesterday?

Do you surely know what are you going to eat tomorrow? You can make a guess, but no one can surely tell this – not even your parents. But God knows for sure! Yes, He knows for sure about your food, about your clothes and even about your friends. God knows all that you have done when you thought no one was watching you and He knows EXACTLY what you are going to do in the future.

What do you mean by the word ‘future’?

The time that is going to come after right now! 

When you look at your parents, do you think you will grow up to be as good as they are? Or say, when the school reopens, do you think your friends will be in the same class with you? Or will your class teacher this year, be your class teacher next year? It is impossible to surely tell any of this, right?

Just like you and I, the Israelites who were saved from Egyptians by God, were doubtful of their future. You remember the story on Day 1, how God protected Israelites by providing them shade during the day and light during the night? And yet Israelites did not trust God! When they came out of Egypt they were traveling in the desert - hot and dry. They were not sure of who would give them food and water. Israelites questioned and complained. But Moses did not doubt. God did provide them with food (manna) and water EVERYDAY even in a desert! How is it that Israelites were unsure of their future and Moses was sure of his? Moses knew God. He knew God’s love.  When we know God, we know that God is in control of everything and everyone.

Our God is so powerful that he controls the entire universe and at the same time thinks of your needs. God knows exactly what you need and when you need it. So, be fearless of the future because God is in control!  


Use the download button in the activity if available or take a screenshot of the finished activity and send it to your teachers via WhatsApp or email to

Activity 1: Discover!

Activity 2: Israelites and manna

Make a basket following the origami instructions given or using a paper cup as shown in the picture. (With parent's help) God provided the Israelites with manna, He still provides our daily food. We are to be thankful for it. The challenge for the day is fill their handmade basket with a variety grains and pulses they can find in their home and send us a picture of the filled basket.


OR try this one...


Activity 3: Memory verse

The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you: 
Deuteronomy 31:8


Option 1: Newspaper paths- The activity below can be done with parents at home. Use newspaper to lay out a path around the house. Walk the path together while reciting today’s memory verse.


Option 2: Trace child’s feet onto a sheet of paper. Colour or decorate, and write today’s memory verse on the sheet.