Day 5


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Pressure to reject God

Depend more on God than on man

Your parents tell you not to watch television, but when they go outside, your sister tells you to turn it on anyway. What would you do?

It might be difficult to make the right choice. But when others ask us to do something wrong, we must not follow them. When someone tells you to do something wrong, ask God to help you. Whatever you do, depend more on God not man.

Bible story

God called Moses to save the  Israelites. Aaron was Moses' brother. When Moses told God, He was afraid of speaking in front of the Pharaoh and the people, God sent Aaron to help Moses. Aaron was also a High Priest.

Priest pic.PNG

During the journey to the promised land, God had asked the Israelites to stop at the foot of Mount Sinai for a few days. God commanded that  Moses alone to go up to the mountain and speak to God. God had a message for the Israelites and He wanted Moses to give it to the Israelites.

Moses went up to the mountain  and didn’t come down for a long time. The Israelites got impatient. “Where is Moses?”, “Why isn’t he coming down?” ,  “How much longer must we wait here?” they said to one another, getting angry at Moses.


Finally, they tell  Aaron - that Moses has left all of them and will not be coming back. Therefore, they need another God! Can you imagine that! So they forced Aaron to start creating an idol for them. Aaron  got scared of these angry men. Aaron knew it was wrong to make the golden calf because there was only One God. Anything made by hands cannot be God!


Aaron had been with Moses when God parted the Red Sea. He had seen God guiding the Israelites with a pillar of cloud during the day and a pillar of fire during night. He had witnessed God's work every day since they left Egypt. He should have as the High Priest stood firm and disciplined the people.

But do you know what Aaron did? He was so afraid of what the people would say that He made the golden calf with the gold that the people gave him! And the people bowed down and worshipped the golden calf instead of our real true God. Aaron was afraid of people rather than being afraid of God. God had got very angry with Aaron and the Israelites when they did this, and only because of Moses’ prayer God forgave them.

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Follow and Be Like Jesus alone

When you make the decision to believe in Jesus and start living life for God and  people tell you to do wrong things that makes Jesus sad, you need not get scared of those people. You only need to ask Jesus to help you and continue doing what is right. 

When you are doing what is right and  good,  you are not alone.  God is with you. When you are afraid of anyone who tells you to do something wrong, remember, you are not alone. God is with you always. Sometimes, someone may try to scare you saying - don’t tell your mother and father. What has God said? To love your parents and obey them. Ask God for help and always share with your parents anytime you are afraid of anybody. God has given you your parents to help you.


God will help you, guide you and give strength through every choice you make for him, if you ask Him. There is only one person you should be like and follow - that is Jesus. When Jesus lived on earth, He loved God the Father, and He loved all people. Jesus was unselfish, kind, loving, trying to help and serve others.


You can make all the right decisions in your  life if you make Jesus as your example and role model.

To know Jesus better you  will have to pray, read God's word and obey Him. Will you follow Jesus, and choose to be safe with Him?



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Activity 1: WWJD?

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Activity 3: Memorise the verse

The Lord is my helper, I will not be afraid. What can man do to me

(Hebrews 13:6)

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