Fear Free of Peer Pressure

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Your parents tell you not to watch television, but when they go outside, your sister tells you to turn it on anyway. What would you do? It might be difficult to make the right choice. Aaron the High priest was in a similar situation. Let’s see what Aaron did when he was faced with a choice to please God or the Israelites.

Bible Story

Through the lessons we have learnt so far, we see that God the Righteous One had promised the Israelites, through Moses that He would take care of them and lead them safely to the promised land. Aaron was Moses's brother and also the High Priest was helping Moses. Aaron had seen all the wonders and miracles God had done for the Israelites.

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Once, God called Moses to come up Mount Sinai to give them the 10 commandments. At the same time, God instructed the Israelites to camp at the foot of Mount Sinai for sometime. Moses went up the mountain, leaving Aaron incharge of the people. The people were waiting. They waited for Moses at first. But when there was no sign of Moses coming down the Israelites started to complain. They decided that God was not interested in them anymore! Now could that ever be possible? No! And Aaron who had seen God at work should have known that.

The Israelites came to Aaron and asked him to create another God, an idol for them to worship! Here Aaron had to make a choice. He could trust God and wait for Moses or do what the people wanted him to do.


If you were Aaron, what would you have done?
What would God want them to do?

Sad to say, Aaron chose to do what the people wanted. Now isn’t that sad? He asked them to get all their gold earrings, melted them and out of it created a golden calf and started worshipping the idol with the Israelites.

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He did not set a good example. God was not happy with this!

Exodus 32:35 says, 'and the LORD struck the people with a terrible plague'. When God asked Aaron why he did this, (Exodus 32: 22-23) Aaron answered God that it was not his fault, but the people were Evil and he got scared of them.

Aaron was afraid of what people might say and do to him. He feared man rather than God.

We're also like Aaron sometimes. We choose to follow people who tell us wrong things to do because we are scared of what they will tell us or that they won’t be friends with us any more or that we will be alone and left out.

Because you have God with you, you need not fear such people and do wrong things. God has called you to love, respect and obey our parents. When anyone tells you to do something wrong, share it with God and also share it with your parents. They will guide you in the right path. Do not give in to fear.


Live for Jesus, have the boldness to say, No to making a wrong choice. There is only one person you should be like and follow - that is Jesus. When Jesus lived on earth, He loved God the Father, and He loved all people. Jesus was unselfish, kind, loving, trying to help and serve others. Are you stuck trying to make a choice, ask yourself what would Jesus do? Keep WWJD in mind. How would you know what God wants. Learn about God. Read your Bible and pray.


Memory Verse
In God I trust and am not afraid, what can man do to me.

Psalms 56:11.


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Activity 1: WWJD?

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Activity 3: Memorise the verse

The Lord is my helper, I will not be afraid. What can man do to me

(Hebrews 13:6)

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