Day 6

Fearless of Failure

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Lesson & Activity Introduction

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I was once part of a dance competition with my friends and I remember that moment when they were going to announce the winners of the competition, I was so excited! And guess what! We were the winners, we won the dance competition! My friends and I were so happy! I also remember once I took part in a running race, and I really wanted to come first. I ran so fast but I still came last. I lost the race and I felt sad. It wasn’t a very nice feeling to lose the race. Don’t you sometimes wonder how God feels when we don’t win?

God loves us just the way we are. Whether we are tall or short. Whether we are good at studies and sports or whether we are terrible at it. Whether people tell us things like - “Oh, you can’t do this”, “you’re too young” and “you don’t know how to do this”, God still loves us, he doesn’t see all these things about us that the world sees. Jesus loves you, no matter what! In his eyes, we are unique and perfect. Look at the lines on your palms, do you know everyone’s palms are different. There are no two palms that have the same lines. That’s how unique God has made us! There is no one else in the world like you!


God had rescued the Israelites out of Egypt, taken them through the wilderness and he had given them everything that they needed. The Israelites were still not very happy, they kept complaining about God to Moses. They complained about the food and the water. This made God very upset. Even though he had given them everything they still complained! God wanted the people to turn back to God, so to remind them that God is there to protect them he sent some snakes. When the Israelites saw the snakes and when the snakes started biting them they realised that only God could save them. They begged Moses to ask God to take away the snakes. God told Moses to make a bronze snake, and anyone who had been bitten by the snake just had to look at the bronze snake and they would live. Moses obeyed God and did this. The Israelites obeyed God and were saved.


When the Israelites realised that they had done something bad and that they had failed to make God happy, they asked God for forgiveness. In the same way, when we also go wrong somewhere, when we make God sad, we can ask God for forgiveness. We can tell him that we won't repeat the not nice thing that we did and you know what, God loves us and he will forgive us.

If you have made a decision to follow Jesus then you do not have to fear failure. God is on your side. With him you have the victory! God loves you and whether you win or lose he still loves you the same! In everything that you do, give your best and this will make you and God happy!



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