FEARLESS to Share the

Good News

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Lesson & Activity Introduction

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GOD. GOD was always, GOD is always and GOD will always be. He made all things from nothing. GOD owns everything in the universe. Without Him, nothing is! GOD is all powerful and no one can match His strength or intelligence. GOD is on HIS throne and no one can displace Him. He has revealed Himself and has declared all this, in the Bible.

Sin entered the world through one man, Adam. Since then all have sinned. Each time we rely on our own ability to stop sinning we fail. In our sin, we become a disgrace and shame before our Creator GOD. In our sinful nature, we cannot go near Him or see Him because He is holy. All of us are deeply sinful and dirty before our perfectly Holy God. Probably, each of us have done a few good deeds in our lifetime and some of us may consider ourselves as righteous,  but our righteousness is nowhere close to GOD’s holiness. As in the words of  the prophet Isaiah says, our righteousness is like filthy, stained, dirty rags. We can never be good enough! We can’t save ourselves! Oh who can save us?!

Thousands of years ago, GOD gave us guidelines on how to live and behave, but those guidelines (the Law given through Moses) were broken all the time! So GOD raised prophets to tell us what His thoughts were. He gave Moses instructions to set up the Holy Tabernacle to gather His people and give them a chance to repent of their sins. The Israelites were to make an offering of living (unblemished) lambs as a sacrifice for the sins they had committed. Still the people went back to sinning once they returned from the Tabernacle (Temple) because their hearts did not change. People just couldn’t help themselves and were powerless against their sinful nature. They hurt GOD their Creator more and more.

Though we hurt GOD, He loved the whole world - all of us, so much, that He sacrificed His one and only Son to be punished for our sins. Jesus took the wrong committed by every single human being that ever lived, is living now and will live in the future upon himself as a punishment.  Jesus took the punishment we were to bear upon himself. GOD went through this pain and grief so that we could be free. It doesn’t stop here…GOD raised His Son,  Jesus, from the dead, back to life, to give each one who believes in Him, forgiveness of sin, abundant life ( meaning joyful, peaceful, happy, victorious life ) here on earth, victory over the pain and power of death and eternal life ( life forever) living with Him. Through believing in the LORD Jesus’ death and resurrection we are made into a new creation with a new lifestyle that is not defeated by sin or our sinful nature.  Jesus leads us in victory everyday of our lives! Hurray! Hallelujah!! Wonderful news! Good News!!! We have become children of GOD, and finally, through the power of GOD the Holy Spirit, living a life pleasing to GOD.


Finally, we hear Him, feel Him, speak to Him and receive His power to live a holy life. This is the GOOD NEWS! Those who have experienced it, cannot hide it, for it is the power of GOD unto salvation for all those who believe. We in GOD and GOD in us!

GOD shines His light in us and we cannot hide it! We must not hide it! He will give every child of His the power to speak the right words at the right times. His Holy Spirit living in His children, will give the power to speak peace, to speak gently, to speak the truth lovingly, to speak comfort, and to speak boldly about what GOD has done for everyone through Jesus Christ, His Son. This news is too good to be kept to ourselves. We must share the love of GOD and the good news that He saves us through His Son, in everything that we do and say, wherever we are and wherever GOD tells us to go.


Fearless to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for it is the power of GOD unto salvation for everyone who believes.

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Activity time

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Activity 1: Crypto-puzzle
Activity 2: Proclaim the Gospel!

Here are four scenarios. Can you imagine yourself in it, and describe how you would use the opportunity to present the Gospel?

Activity 3: Memory verse

For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid but gives us power, love and self-discipline. So, do not be ashamed of the testimony about our Lord

2 Timothy 1:7, 8


Activity: Sing-song and learn!


Watch this video and sing along and learn the verse. Songs help us remember better. You can come up with your own actions and then sing and do the actions.