FEARLESS to Share the

Good News

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Lesson & Activity Introduction

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This lesson will help you know and understand why it is important to share God’s good news to everyone. We should share Jesus with everyone so that they will also get to know Him. Being the light of the world is very important. And when we shine the brightest, people will also want to know why. 


We have to share the gospel because Jesus commanded us. This is what He told us before He went to Heaven. It is called the Great Commission. People in the Bible who followed Jesus went to church every Sunday. They spoke about Jesus and what He had done for them. They were very serious about this. (Some also went to prison because of this) 

Share the good news only because if you believe in Jesus, you will be saved. What if we saw our neighbour’s house on fire? What would we do? Wouldn’t we want to save it? In the same way, wouldn’t we want to save others as well? Wouldn’t you want everyone to also know about your best friend, Jesus? You are ready to share the good news!


There was a man in the Bible who made excuses. He was scared. He wasn’t ready. But after he obeyed God, God made him a great learner. This man was Moses. Moses made a lot of excuses but God was patient with him. God answered all of Moses’ questions and also sent his brother, Aaron to help. Moses feared God and obeyed him. God’s command for him and all of us is to have courage and wisdom to speak. God gave a helper to those who believe in Jesus. This helper will guide us and give us the wisdom to know the gospel and show God’s love to those around us. This helper is known as the Holy Spirit. The more we grow in our relationship with God, the more we will get used to the Spirit’s voice. This voice will lead us and also will help us to share the gospel. 



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